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Life Storkaia

At Life Storkaia you'll get 10% on all sports products when showing your valid Easyfit membership!

Ladejarlen Restaurant

At Ladejarlen you'll get 20% discount on all food sunday-monday when showing your calid Easyfit membership!

(Gjelder ikke alkohol og Trønderpakken)

Ila Trafikkskole (Ila Traffic School)

At Ila Trafikkskole you'll get 5% rabatt på kurs og kjøretimer for førerkort klasse B when showing your valid Easyfit membership!


Sport outlet Ålesund

At Sport Outlet Ålesund you'll get 10% discount on all products when showing your valid Easyfit membership!

(Does not include advertised products)


Hos KVIKK Moa får du 20% rabatt på wraps, smoothie og sushi, samt proteinshake til 69,- when showing your valid Easyfit membership!

På nett:

At you'll get 10% discount on your order (includes sales)! Use the voucher easyfit10 at checkout.


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