On My Page you manage and cancel your membership with us. Belowyou will find an overview of frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer, contact your local fitness center on Messenger on Facebook.

What are EasyFit’s opening hours?

All gyms are open for members from 5:00 am until midnight Monday - Sunday. Ålesund (Moa) is open from 6:00 am until midnight, Monday- Sunday.

How do I access an EasyFit gym?

You can open the front door using your credit or debit card. Once you have signed up to be a member at our web page and made your first payment, the debit/credit card used to make that payment is the credit/debit card you will use to open the door. If you change credit cards you will need to update your payment details on our web page. Under “Access” you can enter and register any credit/debit card you want to use as your key card.

My credit/debit card is no giving me access to the gym - how can I get in?

First make sure the correct credit/debit card is registered as your “key card” online. You will have to log on to “Membership” and go to “Access”. If the correct card is registered as your “key card” and it still does not work it means the card reader in the door can not read the magnetic strip from your card. That happens a lot to older cards. Don’t worry, you can use any Visa or MasterCard as a key card - you can simply change it under “Access” when you’re logged on to EasyFit’s membership page. Make sure you delete the old card from the “Access” first.

Can I work out at all of EasyFit’s gyms or only my local EasyFit?

Yes! EasyFit members enjoy full access to all of EasyFit’s gyms at no additional charge.


I don’t have a credit or debit card that can be used online. How can I become a member and how do I get in?

If you have access to Visa Electron you are able to buy a Visa Gift Card (Paygoo/SafePay/Spendon) and register that card as your key card. Visa Gift Cards are available at Rema 1000 and Narvesen.

How are EasyFit’s payment terms?

You can only pay online, on EasyFit’s webpage easyfit.no. You are paying from the day you sign up for your membership and your membership will automatically be renewed each month until you cancel your membership. After your cancellation your membership will be active and valid until next renewal. If you cancel after missing a payment you will still need to make that payment - our gyms will be open to you during that period.

How do I cancel my membership?

Log on to My Page and you will be able to cancel ("kanseller") your membership. 

What is the minimum age to become a member of EasyFit?

We are happy to welcome anyone over the age of 16 to become members of EasyFit!

How do I change my credit/debit card?

To change your credit/debit card with EasyFit you will have to log on to “membership” at easyfit.no - go to “actions” and “payment details” - that is where you enter the information from your new credit or debit card - remember that this action needs your BankID approval. Important! Please make sure you update the card you want to be your key/access card, as this does not happen automatically! 

Do EasyFit gyms offer drop in sessions?

Yes! EasyFit is happy to offer you easy access to our gyms. Even if you are not a member, you can purchase access at any time at all of our gyms. You will have access from the moment you buy. At the front door you will find a kiosk where you can purchase your drop in session. The door will open automatically after your payment is approved. Use Visa or MasterCard to pay for your work out. Enjoy! 

You are free to cancel at any time

We have the most flexible membership terms on the market, which lets you decide how long you want to be a member.

Affordable training!

For those of you who are price conscious and think it is silly to pay extra for things you do not need.

Favorable opening hours!

All gyms are open for members from 5:00 am until midnight Monday - Sunday.



Reach your workout goals for the low price of 229 kr. per month. Our philosophy is that you should be in charge of your workout routine - that is why EasyFit memberships can be cancelled at any time and there is no sign up fee. Our low price stays the same no matter when you sign up!.

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