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- Follow the steps after pressing the button below.
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Great gym! Nice atmosphere and everything you need for your workout. The manager is doing a fantastic job!

- Torsten about Easyfit Buran
(Google Reviews)

Big and open spaces. They have a lot of equipment! Great customer service on Facebook if you need help 😊

- Karoline about Easyfit Ilsvika
(Facebook Reviews)

Great atmosphere. Modern equipment.
- Svein about Easyfit Brekstad
(Google Reviews)

Simple, practical and a well done gym. Great price and very good equipment.
– Alexander om Easyfit Kristiansund

(Google Reviews)

Finally a gym that isn't super expensive. A great place and everything you need to work out. Thumbs up👍.
- Linn about Easyfit Ålesund
(Facebook Reviews)